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Chapter 10 Project of the Year

Nomination Form


Project Name:  ___________________________________


Project Location:  _________________________________


Project Owner:  __________________________________


Right of Way Services Firm:  _________________________


Right of Way Project Manager:  _______________________


Project Sponsor:  ___________________________________


Project Right of Way Completion Date:  _________________


Complete and email to Patrick McCallister at Patrick.McCallister@wsp.com.


IRWA Chapter 10 Project of the Year Criteria

  • Must be a project in Indiana

  • Must be completed (right of way clear for construction) in calendar year of nomination

  • Nomination sponsor must be a Chapter 10 Member and a Key Member of Project Team

  • Nomination must be received by November 1st of the year of nomination and contain the following information.

  1. Project Description

  2. Owner of Project

  3. Project Manager for Right of Way Services

  4. Key Members of Project Team

  5. Narrative of why project is worthy of award (provided on second page)


  • Awards will be given at the Annual Christmas Party/Awards Banquet to the following:

  1. Owner of Project

  2. Project Manager for Right of Way Services.

Project Narrative:

Project of the Year
Nomination Form