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Chapter 10 2022-23 Committees
Chapter 10 Standing Committees


Chair:        Patrick McCallister, SR/WA

Members: Ron Barker, SR/WA

                 Laura Wermund Santos, SR/WA

Nominations and Elections

Chair:        Cynde Barker, SR/WA

Members: John Alexander, SR/WA

                 Angela Deddish, RWP

                 Steve Knies

                 Chris Marbach, PS

                 Chris Wischer, Esq.


Chair:        Angela Deddish, RWP

Members: Cindy Candler, PS

                 Steve Knies

Professional Development

Chair:        Michelle Sechman, SR/WA

Members: John Alexander, SR/WA

                 Patrick McCallister, SR/WA

Chapter 10 Industry Committees

Legal Affairs

Co-chairs: Jason Lueking, Esq.

                 Yasmin Stump, Esq.

Members: Chris Wischer, Esq.

                 Gary Kent, PS


Chair:        Kenny Franklin

Members: Jonathan Lochner, MBA, SR/WA

                 Chris Roberts, RWA

                 Chris Delawter, RWP

Surveying and Engineering

Chair:       Brian Haggard, PS

Members: Rodney Kelly, PS

                 Curt Candler, PS

                 Brian Stanoch, PS

                 Luke Jahn, PS

                 Jon Polson, PS


Chair:       Ashley Johnson, MAI, R/W-AC

Members: Lonnie Miller


Chair:       Steve Knies

Members: Qasim Asghar

                 T. Jeffery Taylor

                 Michael J. Kuehl, PMP

Young Professionals

Chair:        Madison Jones, RWP

Members: Jamie Henry, RWA

                 Levi Renour

Other Chapter 10 Committees

Communications and Relations

Chair:       Stephanie Riley

Members: Laura Wermund Santos, SR/WA

                 Jill Hutchinson

Sponsorships and Scholarships

Chair:        Cindy Candler, PS

Members: Patrick McCallister, SR/WA

                 Ron Barker, SR/WA


Chapter History

Chair:       Greg Mathias, SR/WA

Members: Ron Barker, SR/WA

                 Steve Knies



Chris Wischer, Esq.

Special Events

Chair:       Angela Deddish, RWP

Members: Jonathan Lochner, MBA, SR/WA

                 Brittany Griggs, RWA


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