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Young Professionals

This group is designed for beginning right of way professionals who want to be more active in IRWA. Chapter 10 YPs support each other to grow in the profession and dive deeper into the ROW industry. Our YPs aim to be equipped with education, ethics and encouragement from the Chapter, Region 5 and internationally. This group is recommended for those in the industry under the age of 35, but is not required. 

For more information or to inquire about joining the YP Committee,

contact Chapter 10 YP Chair

Madison Culp, RWP

(317) 418-4153

Madison Jones - YP Chair.jpg
Mentor and Protégé Program

The role of mentor within our organization is a special opportunity for seasoned and experienced ROW professionals to give back and provide invaluable support, encouragement, resources, information and inspiration to the protégé as he or she begins the journey in the ROW profession by volunteering and advancing in IRWA leadership. IRWA mentors function as leaders within the organization who serve as role models, innovators, motivators and communicators of both professional and personal excellence. We request that all candidates consider a minimum 1-year commitment of service. 



The role of protégé within IRWA is a special opportunity to learn and grow as your begin your journey in the ROW profession. As a protégé, you are committed to industry excellence and value the unique experience that the mentor/protégé relationship offers. It is envisioned that you will advance your status and one day continue the legacy and give back to the industry as a mentor. We request all candidates consider a minimum 1-year commitment to service.  

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